Nature's Faces

Cardinal Female

Cardinals are, in my opinion, the most beautiful birds in the Midwest. Males are scarlet red and females ruddy brown with scarlet highlights. Red berries still cling to the tree providing winter forage for many birds. Shot in the wild. My favorite part of this image is her selection of eyeliner.

Winter Fat & Mitts Full

Yes, I feed and they enjoy. This Midwestern Red Squirrel is showing its most handsome pose, with two little mitts full of sunflower seeds. The coat markings are superb with the twist in his torso. Natural color. Beautiful squirrel.

Guardian of the Pond

Waiting and watching for movement this huge bullfrog waited long enough for a shot before slipping below the lily pads.

Couldn't Drag Me Away

Unshod and in foal in Northwestern, Nebraska.

Fall Pheasant

Image shot just west of Bismarck, North Dakota on a beautifully warm fall day.

Swift Fox

Beautiful animal...

Red Cardinal

The aged red cardinal is still beautiful, posing for me during a midwest snowstorm.


American Bison calf, approaching the end of its first year. I love the seasons here. Save this picture for very hot days.

Redwinged Blackbird

Older male calling on an extremely hot afternoon.

Backyard Dragonfly

Bird, Unknown

My Friend Henry

Have you ever noticed that their pupils are horizontal? And they speak when spoken so? Such was the conversation I had with Henry, somewhere in South Dakota, U.S.A.

Fruit Bats

Disturbed during a good days sleep in a hidden crag.

Unknown Beauty

This unknown beauty was passing through as the weather changes. It paused long enough for me to take the shot.

Sunset in His Eye

This will be the last of my backyard sparrow shots...cardinals in winter coming very soon. If you look very will see the sunset in his eye. Common sparrow...yet a beautiful work of nature for all of us to enjoy.

Yellow Headed Blackbird 6

What is believe is the most striking of blackbirds found in North America. Their color is brilliant yellow-gold. This male is standing watch for a mate and calling continuously. I doubt the handsome bird had to wait too long. The image was shot in South Dakota.

American White Pelicans

Sitting on a crystal clear South Dakota Lake, these very large birds migrate across the country each year. Their beauty and grace in the air is something to see.

Egret Backlit

Egrets belong along the edge of a pond, lake, water or flying across the same. But rest? They do so, surprisingly in trees.

Yellow-Headed Blackbird

The call is similar to other blackbirds, red-winged and so forth. I had never seen these before and unlike some other birds, they have almost no fear. Wish I could afford a nice camera and lens but alas...I share what I have. Enjoy and listen. You can here it call across the blue pond.


I captured this heron slowing rapidly as it came in for a landing. The force of its wings created turbulence and moved its feathers in all directions. The landing, by the way, was perfect.

Truly In the Wild

Young bald eagle with tail just turning white. A very handsome bird.

Contemplation Among Friends


Full color image...yes...full color image of this raven against a lifted fog background.

My First Snow

I opened the door and she ran full speed through the white stuff that covered the ground. She stopped and ran to me with this priceless expression on her face...what is this??? Then off she ran again and enjoyed her first snow.


Once in awhile you capture a quick shot with your cell phone that is a gem. This was one of those for me and I hope for you as well. Cropped from a larger image on my cell with PicSay Pro and shot with an 8 megapixel Droid DNA, it is one of my favorites.

In My Face

Thank you telephoto lens. On in a series of red squirrel shots taken just minutes ago. I hope you enjoy.

Sparrow On Color

Sparrows' colors are muted browns and dirty whites. In this case, one perched on a chain link fence at a construction site in front of a blue tarp. How could I resist! I never realized the beauty of this little bird.

European Starling

Perched in a tree, the brilliance of the blue stands out against the bright green leaves of spring.

3 Clean and Ready for a Date

Nice looking ground squirrel...taking it easy with his its on the log and looking as dapper as possible.

Peacock (closer than we usually look)

Behind the beautiful blue neck there is a mass of small iridescent feathers that run layer after layer to cover the source of the eyelet plumage. Brilliant green and blue, shimmering in the light. It was something I had never seen before. Look closely next time you see a peacock and enjoy the many layers of color.

The Pair

It was as if they posed for the image. Spring does wonderful things to all beings...even those that are feathered.

Lesser Goldfinch Deep in the Woods of Iowa

Both the male and female are beautiful birds and elusive in the deep woods...patience has it.

Vireo or ???

Moves about the trunk and branches like a woodpecker, erratic flight, have not heard its call. See if you can do better than Audubon App...location is Nebraska, next to the Missouri River. Beautiful bird!

Lesser Goldfinch Female

The male wears a smart black cap, the female is entirely yellow. Beautiful birds.

Plain Jane Peahen?

Take a look into the beautiful eyes of this peahen. Very attractive right down to the ancient hieroglyphic style eye shadow. The peacocks have nothing on this lady.

In the Eye of a Black Squirrel

Black squirrels are regular visitors to my yard. This one has me in his eye....

Woody and Bugs

Woody Woodpecker the american cartoon character, and bugs, bugs bunny perhaps? Not so, not so...taken in the heat of summer in very high humidity this woodpecker hid behind the tree for what seemed hours as I stood in the heat getting attacked by flying was worth the wait and the bites as well.

Fall Forage #1

Winter is quickly approaching. The deer have eaten all summer long in preparation of the sub-zero (F) temperatures. I caught this fawn in the woods and it was so intent on feeding that it did not seem to care that I was within 35 feet. (Must be a very bad winter headed our way) #1 of 2 Images...

Fall Forage #2

Winter is quickly approaching. The deer have eaten all summer long in preparation of the sub-zero (F) temperatures. I caught this fawn in the woods and it was so intent on feeding that it did not seem to care that I was within 35 feet. (Must be a very bad winter headed our way) #2 of 2 images...

Impervious to Gravity

Nuthatch, are small birds that seem to be able to move about a tree with no relationship to gravity. Seeing them hop along the bottom of a limb almost defies the imagination. Nature works wonders...and messes with your head.

Hairy Woodpecker

And why they are known as Hairy Woodpeckers. Fun to observe in your own territory. This bird thrives across the U.S and Canada.

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

One of my favorite birds...

Doe in Fall Coat

Local animals prepare for winter at the first chill of fall. This doe is no exception.

Chickadee in a Fall Tree

Fall colors, deep woods, morning light, the combination cannot be better. A male chickadee rests among soon barren branches.

Moth on Mums

Cell phone image. Just could not resist the beauty of the creature.

Backyard Tree

As the seasons change we often, and you too may often, get new critters on your property. Listen for an unusual call or clatter and you may be surprised. This Golden Fronted Woodpecker certainly surprised me.

Cicada Wasp

This very large was captures cicada for its nest that is in a burrow it digs in the ground. Their colors are unmistakable; yellow and black abdomen, orange thorax head and wings. This one lies in wait on a branch above my head. Shot safely with 300 mm Nikon lens.

Christmas Card Shot...Deer in Blinding Snow

We entered the woods of DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge in light snow. It suddenly became a near blizzard when a doe and yearling fawn paused in front of us. I raised my camera and took the shot at about 200 meters feeling the image would be tossed...but the chance was there. Much to my surprise, with minimal enhancement and cropping, the above image resulted. No, no PhotoShop artwork, just Mother Nature altering the image with a magnificent snow storm and me with my camera at my side to capture her work.

Too Close, Not a Good Idea

Almost always handsome and somehow dignified (my American upbringing leaks in) the Bald Eagle seems so powerful, so majestic...until of get a little too close. I will not describe the next sequence of events other than...the bird won. Color not enhanced. A cloud or two would have been appreciated. Temperature 25F, wind 25 miles per hour. Wind chill...brutal.

Brown Pelican

Once an endangered species, the brown pelican has made a strong comeback on the west coast of the U.S.


Shot taken minutes after this calf was born along a rainy Northern California Coast. The cow removes the birth membrane prior to the calf standing for the first time.

On the Slope

Coastal Mule Deer, 1 of 2

Old Blue Eyes

Neighborhood cat

"Looks Friendly Enough to Me"

Fly's last words....

California Rain (at last)

Rain on the ground with more on the way. Wonderful green coming soon.


The temperature is 29F, small floats of ice are moving down the Missouri River...yet animals continue to feed. This cormorant was feeding near shore when I startled it from the bank above. The sun was opposite...the bird dark, but still...I like the image, I love the endurance of nature. Life goes on.

Beautiful Bald Eagle

Shot near my home in the wild, this beautiful bald eagle is watching a pond and waiting for dinner to come close to the surface.

See His Breath

Look closely at the Bald Eagle and see the breath pouring from his nostrils. It is a very frigid Midwest morning. Forecast is that the early morning will be the warmest part of the day today.

Chilly Chickadee

Severe cold does not seem to impact the small birds of the Midwest. Often puffing up dramatically to insulate them from the cold, they survive wind chills sometimes exceeding minus forty degrees C or F. Please help with the variety. Mountain Chickadee perhaps on the plains of Nebraska?

White-Crowned Sparrow

We have approximately 48 sparrow varieties in America. We have only two from Europe, last count. This is one of my favorites, a bit puffy due to the twenty degree temps, but still lovely.

Up Close & Personal

Red Squirrels are everywhere here and there is a secret to getting squirrel closeups besides a 300mm lens. Talk to them as you are shooting. Crazy you say? Speak to them and pause between steps as you edge closer. Their curiosity of you overwhelms their fear. You will see them relax as you shoot. Give it a try. This was shot from about fifteen feet away.


Bright sun and blue sky always help. Beautiful bird.

Doe in the Woods

Tread very lightly, watch upwind or sit and wait. Nature is in the woods around the world, whether it be a macro of an insect leg, or the charge of an elephant...we all have the opportunities, even in New York City...the Urban Jungle.

Rite of Spring

Nothing to is just that beautiful time of year once again.

Air Brakes

The slowdown for a precise landing is often more elegant than the bird in straight flight.

Eagle Leap

No zoo or enclosure required. These beautiful raptors abound in the Midwest at this time of year.

America's Prettiest Duck

I have tried to get a view of wood ducks for years without success until now. Recently I saw them at a distance on a sunless day and took some fuzzy shots. Yesterday I returned and found that they had made this pond their home. This shot makes me off of my bucket list.

Young Red Squirrel

A handsome red squirrel, alert, intense and watching.

Blackbird Serenade

Great poster for Halloween, this image was shot in broad daylight in a nearby tree. The song? Very harsh, non-melodic, typical blackbird noise but definitely better than the sound of traffic, sirens, and city. Joy to the sounds of nature.

Ball on the Eye

I chose Family as my category because, just because Polly is just that. She is not owned, she has been friended by myself and my why not. Ball on the Eye you might say is an error. Zoom in, look very closely in the dark of her pupils and you will indeed see the ball on the eye...each eye in fact.

Ball on the Eyes

I chose Family as my category because Polly is just that. She is not owned, she has been friended by myself and my why not. Ball on the Eyes you might say is an error. Zoom in, look very closely in the dark of her pupils and you will indeed see the ball on the eye...on each eye in fact.

Red Winged Blackbird

On the edge of the woods near home one of my favorite blackbirds. This one is positioning himself for a loud call. in the nest moment there is music.

Barking Black Squirrel

Our wonderful black squirrels have noisy bark when disturbed or pressured. In this case dog friend Polly was at my side. He sat on the branch and barked BA! BA! ba ba ba ba ba, again and again. Ah, nature.

Curious Poult or wild Turkey Chick

Walking along the woodlands I came upon two turkey hens sharing six beautiful poults. They spent their time closely guarded, but this one...we can call it Henry...became very curious as I raised my camera.

Turkey Poult Protection

Wild Turkeys poults (chicks) look to their mothers for protection for a few weeks in the spring. This late bloomer, along with five others were at the side of two hens sharing custody. Beautiful animals.